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"True change doesn't just happen on the outside, it starts with

a positive and motivated one  inner attitude."

Sarah Brussow

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I was born in Berlin, mother of two small children and live with my family in the center of Berlin. After my training as a recognized physiotherapist at the Charité Berlin, I worked in various practices and also received a certified and licensed training as a PhysioCore personal trainer. Considering the many health issues, I was not satisfied with the acquired repertoire of knowledge and  completed the fully recognized Sutherland course to become an osteopath on a part-time basis. Since then I have been a registered member of the Association of Free Osteopaths and hold the license to practice medicine professionally (non-medical practitioner license)
With this detailed anatomical and physiological knowledge, I can act as a trainer and osteopath on a whole new level. 



Osteopathin (Mitglied im Verband VFO)

zertifizierte Personal Trainerin


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Services offered

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Close up of  chiropractor pressing back of head. Therapist doing healing massage with fing

osteopathy &  Cranio-sacral osteopathy treatment

with detailed examination & consultation, check-up and anamnesis

osteopathy  75 minutes* 180 euros   

osteopathy  90 minutes*  250 euro

integrates a reinforced deep tissue treatment  with a.

Deep Focus Osteopathy  100 minutes 600 euros  

Anamnesis, check-up, a full body - deep tissue treatment, organic treatment and special nervous system techniques  

*  home visits are  possible with surcharge, request via contact

Chiropractic Techniques  

Blockages in the joints are released using manual grip and manipulation techniques

Specific scar treatments according to my osteopathic concept - includes assessment, advice, anamnesis and intensive treatment of the

Surgical scars (such as cesarean scars and post cosmetic surgery, surgical  scars) and additional treatment of the whole system individually adjusted  

Cost: 180 euros, 75 minutes

Connective tissue massage and techniques with lymphatic drainage based on your own concept (popular) -  

away  60 minutes - 120 minutes* bookable

facial lymphatic drainage* and massage,

Partial lymphatic drainage*

(arms, legs, stomach, etc.) &

connective tissue massage*  

Also specializing in follow-up treatment for surgical procedures such as liposuction, tightening  the whole body.

Execution by combining special manual techniques developed in-house from classic manual lymphatic drainage, tissue treatment and osteopathic veno-lymphatic therapy.

These types of treatments are specially adapted to the client's anamnesis. Effectiveness is always the priority.

Cost: 90 minutes 220 euros

*  home visits are  possible with surcharge, please just ask about it

Injections subcutaneous/intracutaneous/intra-

muscular depending on the diagnosis


1.  folic acid,  Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12


What folic acid, vitamin B 6 & 12 in combination in the body


cell metabolism stimulating,  

Stress and Fatigue Alleviating

Increasing physical and mental performance

2. Vitamin C - high dose infusion and/or

Vitamin B12 infusions

After the anamnesis, an informative discussion takes place in a pleasant atmosphere

and advice one  approximately 30 minute infusion in the practice


What vitamin C does in the body in general:

Free radical scavenger, stress relieving

improved wound healing,

collagen building,

increased absorption and improved utilization of iron,

liver supporting and organ detoxifying,

strengthens the immune system and increases concentration,

supports blood formation (important during and after pregnancy and after operations)


Medical cosmetic wrinkles* and lip enhancement injections with hyaluron -

* Nasiolabial folds, marionette folds  and lip volume building are my focus when working with hyaluronic acid injections.

My injections are made with care and precision after a detailed medical history, a consultation, and  explanatory talk  executed.


If you are interested, please write to me and let me advise you .

All prices and appointment bookings on request

Additional clause: I completed additional training for injections and infusions in September 2019.

All treatments are complementary medical offers and purely private services.

As an alternative practitioner, I can create an invoice for you according to the GebüH, which can be reimbursed by private health insurance companies with an alternative practitioner share and additional insurance. Please speak to your insurance company.

Treatments from me will be in the  

Kastanienallee 2

10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg  executed.

U2 Eberswalder Strasse

Article publications

"FREUNDIN" magazine online article from September 29th, 2021

Article in InStyle Germany on the subject: Tips for an improved body feeling  Edition 10/2020


Pregnancy training (private service)

During pregnancy, the woman's system changes enormously. Many new processes are taking place to prepare the body for the coming months and the upcoming birth. I will help you to understand the processes and train you in the best possible way to suit your individual physical circumstances, because each month has different aspects to consider in order to go towards birth stronger and pain-free. The most important benefits of pregnancy training are the maintenance of your general strength and the additional strengthening of the muscles that you use during pregnancy  supports and supports you during the birth process . At the same time, the muscles and tissue can regenerate better after the birth.

Mutter macht Yoga mit Baby

Special recovery training
according to my SAMANI concept   (private service)

Giving birth is a special physical and mental experience for every woman - I can accompany you through the diversity of my expertise in order to quickly return to a good body feeling. Whether it’s hormonal changes or functional problems, I’ll accompany you through my special post-natal rehabilitation program during this precious time with individual guidance and orientation based on your circumstances and ideas. So your body can  experience the best possible regeneration and build up powerfully again. Take time for yourself and your body and benefit for the future. As a mother you need an enormous amount of energy, which you get best when you feel good. A more balanced and empowered self - inside and out

The program offers you a special development plan for the pelvic floor based on a previous anamnesis and direct training for the regression of the body, the pelvic floor, including a correct functional posture.


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